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For Faculty

The Dawson College library is here to serve the academic needs of students and their teachers. Our students' success requires that they have access to relevant, up-to-date information resources, and to the skills required to find and use them effectively. We need your help to make strong choices about the college's library collections and to help students make the best use of the library throughout their academic careers.

Please use the forms below to request new library materials or invite us to talk to your students.

Purchase Request Form

When you complete the purchase request form your request will be submitted for review by the library's selection committee and you will receive an automatic confirmation. We will contact you once the book has been processed and is available for circulation. A librarian will also be in touch if any questions arise about your request.

Library Instruction Request Form

Fill in this instruction request form to arrange a library orientation session in your classroom, or in the library's own computer lab. Please be sure to provide as much detail as possible about the course and to attach a copy of your assignment.

Suggest a Website Form

If there are websites that you frequently recommend to students, or list on your course outlines, please complete the website suggestion form, so that we can add them to our collection of Websites by Subject.


It is important to remember that text, images, sound recordings and other works are subject to copyright laws, even in educational contexts such as classroom handouts, PowerPoint slides, and so forth. Copyrighted works may be used under Fair Dealing Guidelines, found here. However, it is also important to remember that Fair Dealing is only a legal defence, not a guarantee against infringement.

For more information on copyright in an educational context, please see Copyright Matters!: Some Key Questions and Answers for Teachers.


To place books or other course materials on Reserve, please contact Suzanne Bellefleur or phone her at extension 1622, or visit the Circulation Desk (5C).

Film Services

Planning to show a film in your class? Want to order a title for the collection? Go to our film services page to find out what's involved.

Interlibrary Loans (ILL)

If the library doesn't have what you're looking for, we may be able to obtain materials from other libraries. Delivery times vary and there are costs associated with most transactions, which must be absorbed by the borrower or his/her department. For more information, please email Margaret Black or phone her at extension 1795.

Professional Development Collection

In cooperation with the Office of Instructional Development (OID), the library is now home to a collection of Professional Development resources. These titles can be found in the Library Catalogue by going to Lists (top menu) and selecting OID Professional Development, or by searching with the keywords "Office of Instructional Development".